Just Flight PA-28RT-201T Arrow IV (for Aerofly FS 2)

Hi FS Developers,

Hope all is well during these difficult times

I fly a Piper Arrow out of Coventry in the UK. I can't fly at the moment because the airfield is closed. During lockdown I wanted to keep up to date with my IFR approaches so now have Xplane 11 and the PA28 Arrow III aircraft from Justflight. Everything is great but the instruments don't quite match those in the real aircraft that I fly so I would like to change them. eg move the DI and replace it with an HSI and change the ADF,DME, radios and GPS.

I did some research and understand that Xplane planemaker provides a GUI which should allow this. However, when I load up the aircraft in plane maker I cannot see the cockpit instruments for the Arrow.
I have the Piper Warrior from Justflight too and that displays the instruments in plane maker so what is going on ?

I'm told it's easy if the instruments already exist but I cannot see how at the moment. I have basic IT skills so if you feel you can help or do it for me a there is a free 1 hour flight in the Arrow on offer so you can try your Sim skills in the air and/or try flying a complex if you are already a pilot.

Thanks Simon