P3D v2 Kaman HH-43 Huskie

I started this project 6 months ago and have read every post on this site several times picking up all the awesome tips and info.

Thought it was time to see what everyone here thinks!

It will be freeware and only P3D V2 at the moment.

One last thing - please don't mind the blue and green interior, it's only like that to make it easier for me during the mapping phase.

I worked on those as an A&P in my younger days, they are an impressive machine and they can do more work with 1300 hp than basically any other machine on the planet because they waste no power on a tail rotor. I worked for a company called Timber Choppers and we rebuilt those old Air Force surplus machines for heli-logging and other lifting purposes. That company conceived the K-max actually, and I met Charlie Kaman personally way back in the early 90's which was quite an experience. I went firefighting with a guy that purchased one of our machines one summer, it was awesome because the USFS required 25 hrs in type before they'd put you on a fire and the guy was a UH-1 pilot so he didn't have the hrs in the Husky. We had to go out and put 25 hrs in his logbook over the course of a couple days and I was fortunate enough to get most of that stick time.

Nice looking model there, great job, I hope to one day fly it around in my sim!
Thanks for the positive comments!
Since the last update I've only been working on adding skinned pilots and remodeling/ detailing the cockpit area. This whole skinned mesh pilots thing is a major PITA but I'm very happy with the result, worth it in the end I guess.
I don't know if people prefer having visible pilots or not so I'll just include both versions.

Here's where shes at now, next up is texturing the exterior model.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the pilots are real "Frankensteins". Parts of about 4 different bodies from around the net remodeled plus a few unique parts from me.
That's a shame, hopefully it's still being worked on, the model looks awesome.

Maybe he's still doing the VC, I can imagine that takes some time.

Oh I really hope this project wasn't cancelled :-O Saw this project for the fist time and thought just "Whooaaa". Want to fly this bird :)
I have posted a PM to the developer asking for some confirmation about the project, however his last foray into these forums was basically the last time he posted an update. So something happened at that point or some time after that caused him to drop the project and his activities here on the forum. Doesn't bode well for the chance to see this beautiful model completed I'm afraid. Hopefully it wasn't something serious (ie; medical emergency) and simply a need to switch gears and get away from everything for a time.