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FSXA KLIA Kaula Lumpur International Airport


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Jetways are almost done. Just adjust them a bit and the bridge is quite detail. Texture in some places is not properly render. I don't know why. Some final detail in texture will be done later.
Still in 3dsmax, not export to FSX yet.



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Detail on the bridge in 3dsmax. It is now baked texture, not the rendered model. Sorry for irritating watermark. Someone is stealing my pictures and claim that it is his project.
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I got them in FSX already. I have to separate them into 3 mdl to make them varies through gates. Some gates has only one jetway.

This is the final result in FSX. Oh! I love them. Need some work on ground poly though.

They look fabulous on this view.

The project has came to this right now.

Wow, outstanding work on the jetways! Visited this airport many times in real, I am looking forward to visit KLIA again in my sim. Great work Tic! Kuala Lumpur is really getting there!


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Thanks PCFlightsimnews. I love your website.
I don't know if you are crazy about the shadow. Living in tropical area where sunny day is almost 80% of the year make me crazy about the shadow. Living in FSX world without shadow is lifeless. Volume shadow is not without problem and I did try that. Even default object such as jetway has give a weird shadow.

So, I turn my base into ground poly and the shadow cast on it nicely.

There is some payoffs from that. Some drawing order issue may happen if you use small aircraft such as Cessna 172. This is international airport, so I guess not so many people use small airplanes and park on the jetway.

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The shadow is problem. I switched to conventional way, no cast shadow on the base of building now.

The north side is completed. Jetway is shorter than the south side. So I need another model of jetway which has only two sliding parts.

Great work! Looking forward to it. Can the jetways move? They're kind of a dealbreaker in my book when it comes to addon airports. If they cant, is there a way to make them move by replacing them with the default ones?

I'll be flying from KUL to JFK in 2 months, ao I'll make sure to get you some pictures!


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Great work! Looking forward to it. Can the jetways move? They're kind of a dealbreaker in my book when it comes to addon airports.

I'll be flying from KUL to JFK in 2 months, ao I'll make sure to get you some pictures!
Thanks for your comment, mrtk311.
You need to understand about how animated jetway works in FSX. I have been asked so many..many...many.........many.........many..........many............many.................. times.

Jetway in FSX works on any airplanes both AI and user aircraft. So this will cause a hard hit on frame rate. You can imagine those airport with 50+ contact gates working together at the same time. Your frame rate cannot be good even you have a super computer.

Animated jetways by the default method is not without problem. I made that in Phuket Airport. Even follow the method by FSX SDK word by word, step by step. There are still problems. The wheels are not locked to the ground and I cannot add anything else other than what specified in SDK. So you cannot have detail jetway more than default. You can read .my thread here

AES is smarter to correct this problem.
They have their own animated jetway. It will come to work just only you come to stop at the parking. It will replace the static one in the scenery. Everything stops except animated jetway and the only one that you are parking is animated. AI next to you will not get animated one. But who cares? So the frame rate is much better than default animated one.

I'm sorry that I bring this discussion in the Showroom. But there is no place that user can participate better than this place.

To make the answer shot.

Jetway will be static.You can get animated one when you use AES.
Better solution than anything else.

If I got it wrong, other developers please discuss more.
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Oh my god, I've been a way from this forum for a month and you come up with such stunning airport scenery of my second country !

Regarding the moveable jetway, don't really bother about it, even some popular payware like Flytampa also didn't bother to put any of it for fps peformance.
Thanks yours works of scenery! TOP
Pls show some picture of Terminal "AirAsia" Building! If is not finish..! Okay..wait..!!



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There is one thing I'd like to show, the volume shadow.

You can see how how the building casts shadow on the jetway. The fence below casts shadow on the concrete platform.

The shadow of the light pole cast on the main building and the bridge connecting to the jetway.

Unfortunately, this volume shadow cause tremendous fps drop around 30%. So, I need to put this feature on shelf.