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FSXA KLIA Kaula Lumpur International Airport

I agree with you. Feel like a big bus station. It is poorly design, or no design at all.

It is so much worse now. I think at the time when they started this, they did not believe low cost airlines could be doing so well. The place now is jam packed with buses, cars, people & so forth. Just to drop someone off is a big headache. :(
OMG, it has been a month since last update. I'm a snail working on this.
Here are some more update pictures. I'm working on LCCT, Low Cost Carrier Terminal but I have no time to put to FSX yet. All these pics are in 3dsmax.
It is not easy since I have never been to this terminal and there are a lot of detail. I need to collect all the photos and reconstructed in the head since the buildings are complex, comprise a lot of buidings together. Please feel free to comment and tell me if anything wrong or not right.


I travel back regularly from YBCG (gold coast) to the LCCT.

KLIA is in development and will be opening next year.

Can't wait for your release, happy new year!


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Thanks God, FSdeveloper is now back to work.
Happy New Year 2014 to you all.
Here are some screenshots in FSX:

LCCT terminal. It does look like bus terminal.
KLIA2 is coming along. It will be an update after satellite photos are available.

The detail of the terminal. I think the stairs look good even without real steps.

There is a building over this area. However I think I have seen the picture somewhere but still could not find it.

The walkway to the gate. It is really a low cost terminal. You need to walk by yourself. I have to work on the lines and markings later on.

Post office.

The LCCT restaurant just next to LCCT.

I think when it is complete, the ground poly will replace the blurry photoscenery here.
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Difficult to say.
But I would like to finish this within a few months.
Getting tired for a huge airport like this. But keep going.
It is a game of endurance like marathon. If it is 42.195 km. marathon, I would say I'm walking (not running) at 30 km.


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Some more progress, Cargo area.

Picture form 3dsmax. I cannot find a picture of this building on its front. If you have please give me the link or the photo.



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Looking good! Almost 2 years in the progress :D

So you can appreciate how much time it needs to develop a big international airport.
It is like a marathon indeed. It is not 42.195 km. marathon, but two years still keep running.

I'll be flying back to KL this Saturday. Will be landing at the LCCT -- I'll see if I can take any photos of that area

Thanks in advance OmniAtlas.
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Some more progression but still in 3dsmax:

The cargo area. The buildings are complex and less photos are available.

The cargo area view from the south.



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Thanks kevintampa5.
Here are some more screen shots in FSX.

MasKargo Cargo area.

View from the south.

I need to use 3 d letters here since the sign is huge and it is blurry when I use texture.
Just the 8 letters here contain around 2800 polygons.

But the sign here is smaller, I use texture instead.

The entrance of Cargo area.

I got animated monorail passing back and forth between Main Terminal and Satellite Terminal.

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It seems to be a never ending story.
I have more progress.A lot of buildings to go oo o..oo..ooo OMG.

More and more in 3dsmax.

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When it is almost done I usually contact AES in advance. So most of my airport is almost ready and compatible with AES at the release time.
Here are the detail of the hangar. It would be beautiful when I finish the night texure. But I dont have any pictures inside the hangar. If you have one, please give me the link.

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