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FSXA KLIA Kaula Lumpur International Airport

Here's another one. Just wondering here, could it be possible to put parking spaces in the hangar, so we could start our flight there, or park there?


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Here's another one. Just wondering here, could it be possible to put parking spaces in the hangar, so we could start our flight there, or park there?
Thanks for your help.
It is possible but I think it would be better if there are static aircrafts. The texture can be paint to have the shadow of hangar. The light atmosphere during the night would be much better.
Almost done with all the buildings. Why on earth this airport is so biggggggg?

Looking good! Would love to see the hangars at night. To be honest, just textures instead of 3D models for the inside of hangars would be better, I think. on a scale of 0-100% what's the progress on this?


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Hard to say. I think it is 80% in the term of buildings but I need to make more lines and signs on the ground, service vehicles, light poles. Lots of things. More and more buildings.

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YES, it is form WMKK to Bejing.
It is still a mystery where it has gone.


Some people ask me for this unfinished scenery to make a video for MH370. I don't think it is a good idea to do. The video may touch those who lost their love ones.

If this scenery is done by this time, it would have been an instant HIT.
Fortunately, (my deep felling really) it is not done. I don't want people to buy this scenery because of the mystery of the flight, but the beauty of itself. So, thanks kevintampa5 that you brought this up. I felt reluctant to give any opinions about this flight after the news.

I hope they can find out what happened. At least get their remains to their family.
By the way, I have some progress.

Air Asia Academy buildings are flight simulator center where the training is conducted.
I could find only one side of the building complex here but I cannot find the other side of the buildings, view from the east.

View from the West. Most photos come from this view.

I cannot find any photos from this view.
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I agree. I feel it's awful that people are trying to jump up their ratings by abusing the sad event.

I respect you for your opinion about the release and sale of the scenery.


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Keep going and going.....
I imported the model into FSX today. These are screenshots how it looks in the game.

This one is a new approach. I try to bake texture of the aircraft to have shadow of the hangar but it is not good. The time changes but the shadow never change. So I build a low detail hangar with material of volume shadow. This low detail hangar is transparent but it casts shadow nicely on the static 737 of Air Asia there and the posts in the center of the hangar. I love that!
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This is definitely worth waiting for Tic! Hopefully won't be too long. This will add to the FS experience. Superb work Tic! :D


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Here is volume shadow. The shadow changes through time.
This is how it looks without shadow. That Air Asia is for testing.

This is volume shadow at noon.


Looking good so far !

Indeed the MH370 is a sad and tragic for my neighboring country but thinking positively shows how the world care and will responses when help is needed...I think almost 30 countries already involved for the search and rescues !

Btw, I wonder this scenery gonna be compatible with Prepar3D, I'm thinking switching to it because of performance wise since it support multi-core processor.


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The last building in WMKK, unfortunately it is not the last object. There are a lot need to be done, cars in parking lot, service vehicle etc.
Bunda Raya Complex (VIP terminal)



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No it is not done yet. It will be available for purchase at Simmarket.com. I think may be within one or two months.