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FS2004 KMSP - Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport.


Nice work (although me too I would have preferred an FSX version).
Now, make sure you have good night and HWI textures, add a NWA MD-50 leaving for Madison (Wi) with non functioning flaps and unlockable landing gear and I will be able to relive my last visit to Minneapolis St.Paul :eek:.
So you make an account just to complain about what I am doing? :rolleyes:

It will be freeware so I won't be making any money off it anyways. ;) Don't worry, an FSX version will come and it will not be "crippled" by FS9 technology.

There are many of us that still use FS9 and don't care for the tweaking game of FSX. Prepare 3D v2 might change things as a decent running sim will have us all on one version. Old as FSX is it still has issues even on new hardware. Thanks for the FS9 version as you are looking out for this community as a whole and not just one segment. Again until we have a decent platform for everyone all options for development are on the table so everyone can enjoy their sim of choice.

(sorry about the poor quality)
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Just take a look at it I can feel how much blood, sweat and tear have been put on this.:eek:
Great Work!
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Bump. It's been a while since the last update. School has been keeping me busy but I was able to get some work done over Christmas break.

Groundpoly transition.

I started on the runway and taxiway markings.

Another person who's sim of choice still happens to be FS9... Some superb model work there - sir... In all the years I've been flying the virtual skies - I can almost guarantee I've never landed in MN... This would give a good reason to change all that... Keep up the good work !!!

I have tested a few things in FSX. I tested the groundpoly in FSX and it didnt seem to hit the FPS too bad, but I also do not have a very power computer. I have been doing all my work on an Intel Core i3 Laptop with Intel HD3000 graphics, so what may impact my FPS, may not on another computer. Does 244 groundpoly tiles at 1024x1024 each seem like too many to you?
One Question you've not answered till yet: Will that be a Pay or Freeware?

This verry awesome Project should become a payware I think... because you've added lots of hours of work on that Project...
and the Quality as well as quantity of this scenery are just stunning!

Hope you'll release this Scenery at Simmarket!
It will be freeware, mainly because I am new to flight simulator development and this is my first scenery project. I am not going to charge money for something that I have no prior experience with. However, it is very possible that future versions and sceneries of mine will be payware, as I will have more experience by then and will be able to refine and polish them more.
I don't think prior experience or lack there of should determine whether you charge or not. What I see in the pictures is nothing short of a quality, well modelled airport. I would pay for it. Don't sell yourself short.

Payware or Freeware... I am really looking forward for your project to be released one day! So fantastic that it will be for FS9 - Thank you so much.