KMZ format and multiple models

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Out of curiosity I tried to assemble multiple models into a single .kmz file (which is no problem using Google Earth Pro).
I was wondering if it was possible to import that one into MCX to make a library/placement bgl file.
Sadly id didn't import anything.

So my question:
1. How does MCX read the kmz file? Does it depend on the kmz internal folder structure to find the models?
2. Woud it be generally possible to support this by finding models and redirected textures listed in the kml file?

When I export a multi-object "scene" from Sketchup with all objects set to not be "hidden", they all import to MCX in their Geo-referenced positions ...relative to the central Geo-location of the very first imagery tile downloaded into Sketchup, or the otherwise manually assigned Geo-location for the Sketchup project file (saved as either a *.SKP or a *.KMZ).

All objects are successfully exported from MCX as a "Scenery" BGL with both the (Geo-locked) 3D MDLs and their placement info inside the resulting 'hybrid' BGL

As in some GIS applications, greatest accuracy of Geo-referencing is maintained when all objects are within (1) Kilometer of the central point position within the multi-object "scene" of the project that is assigned the Geo-location coordinates inside the *.KMZ file.

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I had a look at the KMZ file and there are two issues:

  1. At the moment MCX only searches on Folder keep in the KMZ structure, but it seems you have objects in sub folders as well. I'll modify that in the next build.
  2. With that fixed the textures still not show, the KMZ seems to contain some aliases for the texture names, I'll see if I can have that supported as well.