Krispy1001's Jodel project..

Hi. I'm wanting to get a hold of Krispy's Jodel Blender project that he provided at his website, but his website is down. Does anyone know of an alternate source for his project? I'm hoping to use his project file to learn a few things that will help me finish my current project. Thanks for any info.
It's in the resources here at FSDeveloper

Edit: removed link to resources page, because as mentioned by bigglesworth in reply #3, the download link on it is no good.
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Thanks. Yeah, I noticed that yesterday, but then, when you click on the download link it goes to his out-of-action webpage. So the project is not stored on FSDeveloper's servers. I'm hoping his file will shed some light on the problem I'm having with getting VC gauge lighting to work, as handled by Blender. I'm close, the pilot-control bit works, it's turning on and off, but the lighting is not bright enough, very dull, so I'm missing something. I have the light map loaded in Textures (mapped to "emit"), beneath the $dummy texture, which I have mapped to diffuse "color" (and again, it's the top item in the texture stack). It might come down to that, or maybe my "set opaque" and "set transparent" choices are wrong, for the material. I've got it set for opaque right now. Any help appreciated.