Agreed airbasil...a bit confusing...

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This is just how the model looks in FSX. I was thinking that Nater could download my model from the sketchup warehouse and convert it for FS9 since he's so busy with making ground polys. I'll try to help him out wherever I can :). I'm on winter break so that's how I could finish a terminal building in three days.
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Actually just got back from KRSW just a few minutes ago...wasn't able to take any reference pics, but did pay close attention to details. @Jason z your terminal building looks fantastic!
>>take a look at CYWG developed by Gregory Putz and you will notice, that there's much more potential into freeware development especially in texturing and detailwise... So, there's probably no question about things I developed to enjoy and it's irrelevant to discuss about that ... <<

Again Mr. Negative, what, if anything, have you donated to the community? Links? How about you quit being a horses ass and start complimenting people like Nater for what their offering. The gentlemen is doing an absolutely awesome job yet your so worried it will not benefit you. For the love of God....
So this chat just got interesting...I'm on vacation which is why I'm slow to respond but for airbasil, I do see why you think it looks flat. I'll add a bit more shading once I get back.

However, I would disagree with your opinion that it lacks detail. For something as large and complex as a terminal building, I've already added drains, custom doorways, and staircases just to name a few which I think counts as enough detail, especially for a terminal that I don't have reference photos of (I'm assuming Gaputz has a few ref photos to work with.) The shots from FSX were not also that great which is why it kinda looks un-detailed as well.

In addition, you just can't compare a terminal to something like the small cargo building. One could build a custom texture for each side of the cargo building but one cannot do the same for a terminal building due to texture size limitations in FSX/FS9. Further, my terminal building is optimized for minimized drawcalls and easy modification so that if Nater notices that I'm missing anything, he won't have to completely redo and replace entire portions of the texture sheet/placement on the model.

My question at this point is whether or not I should continue to help Nater model and texture these. (Modelling and texturing are interlinked, each model is optimized for a specific texture sheet layout). I would love to get some terminal lights, the parking garage, static jetways, and other terminal structures built but if my textures and models are too flat and un-detailed and if Nater could just do a better job, then I don't see why I should continue to help out on this project.

I love the work Nater has done on the ground polys and I do believe this scenery has a lot of potential. However, should I continue to help him out on it? Please be honest as I don't want to dedicate so much of my time into something others can't enjoy or will find a nuisance.
Jason, airbasil and nater and I aren't saying that you can't create your own version of this scenery for other sims...you can but maybe you could start your own topic abou it....

Delta flight this game you ate playing with airbasil Isn't fun, it's not helping anyone to rant and make fun or whatever but if you can make a conceivably more honest comments in the future towards other members if there is an issue..

Anyways nice stuff Nate

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Darren, I honestly am happy that Jason has helped with this scenery....If he wants to post screenshots from FSX with buildings that he is helping me with, I am completely fine with that, seeing as they are the same exact buildings that I am using in mine. What is really getting to me is this back and forth bickering that is going on. Basil, while I do accept constructive criticism , I have yet to see any design done by you. Your comparing a freeware project and wishes to multiple payware projects where they have a higher budget, and paid talent needs to stop please. I am doing this as a hobby, and in my free time, which as I get older become less and less. I am neither a expert in photoshop, nor am I an expert in 3dsMax. Yes, I am improving every time I open it, but I can only do so much at one time. This push to fulfill everyone's wishes is the exact reason my EC-155 project got put on the back burner in the far reaches of my project bin. Seeing as there is absolutely no scenery for FS9 of KRSW, I would have been more than content just putting down a ground poly, and a couple of buildings and calling it a day. Instead of requesting this or that, be thankful that I am at least doing something.

Ok...getting off my rant box now.
What is really getting to me is this back and forth bickering that is going on.
me too. flight swimming and "being in the community as a whole" is about positive criticism, not trolling or treading deeply over other creations!

good luck and don't forget to post screenshots at some time

btw thanks for apologizing, its good for others to take into account how to say sorry and to avoid hurting others in the process!!

Nate, did you notice, that after he helped you out with the KRSW Terminals, Jason now released it as his own Project on AVSIM: as "KRSW2.zip"

Have you guys talked about that? Are you actually completely fine with that, Nate??

Okey, I can accept it, because Jason released it as an FSX Only Project... but its a bit confusing anyways though...
Just to clear things up, that file didn't use any of Nater's files. It only included the stuff I had finished along with an afcad that I made to go along with it. Originally I was planning to make RSW for FSX anyways and saw that since Nater was working on RSW for FS9 that maybe I could give him some my stuff as well.
Seeing as the terminals are Jason's models, I have no issues with it....why would I? And Basil, Aerosoft's version of of RSW is for XP11 not FSX/P3D. The only payware company that has done RSW for FSX/P3D is LatinVFR.
Export of the terminal and jetways...Just one small hiccup, and that is that they are hovering above the ground...
Sounds cool, that you could get it exported to the Sim.
Just one small hiccup, and that is that they are hovering above the ground...
I know, you'll get that sorted too... :) Did you adjust it to the same Airport elevation as it is in the Afcads?
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