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Does any one have the new object terminals for KSMF that will work in P3D v4.5? I have a fsx one, but the terminals don't show and I don't know how to get them to work in p3d v4. Areosoft has a KSMF but they haven't made it compatible. The default KSFM is old with the old terminals.


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As do I. A pic:


Do you have ANY other addon files for KSMF? If so, those files may be excluding your buildings. Turn off any such files in the Scenery Library, or remove them if necessary.
No I don't. I've got GSX 2 for my gates, but the ground parking spots show. I have another folder outside of p3d v4.5. My other sceneries in there have no problems.
Here's the picture I have. And as you can see no terminals, this is at Term B, but A is also gone. I do have the tower. It seems all the objects are in the ADE. So there's no way to change anything.


Well, it seems that if I make changes to the AFCAD. Then the terminals don't show. All I did was make all the gates small and made the ga parking on the south end small & medium. Then I added a few more cargo parking on the west side. I also put airlines in the spots they use in real life. Then I compiled, and no terminals. There must be a weird way their imbedded in the afcad that compiling messes them up.


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They are embedded in the ADE/AFCAD file as MDL files. When loaded into ADE these MDL files are discarded, so yes, they disappear. This is by design, since many authors use this method to make it harder for people to use these objects elsewhere, and Jon respects that. It also makes it harder to edit their airport file, unfortunately.


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Tom is correct. At the start of ADE (more than 10 years ago) we took the view that if a developer embedded their models inside the airport bgl file then they were intended not to be used elsewhere. Thus ADE won't extract these objects from the bgl file. It is assumed that if the developer wanted their objects to be available they would either put them in libraries or provide the ADE project file (where developers use ADE of course).

Having said that there are some tools that will extract models.

The other point to consider is that the sim will load bgl files in a specific order. ADE won't generate excludes for developer designed models in their airports so it should be possible to retain the objects from the original bgl file whilst also displaying changes for things like parking. It may depend on loading order.


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True. Youl might be able to put the unchanged BGL file into a folder somewhere below your edited BGL file on the Scenery Library priority list.
I did put the unchanged BGL into another folder. And the terminals showed up, but they were black. Do you know what would cause that? I know the BGL that I've change the parking spots still shows the terminal library objects, should I remove them? Maybe the buildings won't be black then. But if all fails, at least I have buildings instead of just jetways sitting by themselves.
I think I know the problem now. When I put the original in another scenery I didn't copy the textures to that folders textures. I'll see if it works now. Well, that was the problem. Now everything works great. Thanks for all the help.
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