Kunming Changshui airport in the making

I started a time ago with a new airport project, the new kunming airport in China for FSX
Here are some screenshots of my new project:

M Van der linden
Awesome!!! It looks as if the project is already in a very advanced state. And that it will be freeware is the cherry on the cake!
That's right, the project is is in a very advanced state at this time.
I started 11 month's ago with the project kunming,
and it is going very well.

M van der linden


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I was asked by someone to make this airport as well. No time enough to do. I'm glad that you have been doing it with a very good quality. Congratulation for your first project, linden.
Love the subterranean roadway thing near the tower linden, how did you make a "hole" in the FS terrain if you don't mind my asking? The roof is awesome, love the 4th shot. :)

Thanks for your feedback guys,
It's great to do some asian airport projects, after my finished Guam scenery.
I made the hole at the tower with the Airport design editor's flatten mask class exclude autogen groundpoly's, I have set the elevation of the hole a few meters lower than the elevation of the airport itself, and created the subterranean roadway in google sketchup, matched the size of the hole for the subterranean roadway with the holes in the runway poly's , and placed it with Flight1 instant scenery 3.

These are my sketchup models of the subterranean roadway, based on the size of the red circles on the runway poly's

at the tower

tunnel at the terminal

runway poly

Example of my airport design editor work

I worked with a flatten mask class map exclude autogen in ADE X


M van der linden
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Hi Linden,
Do you have another set of ADE or they are in the same file?
I have overlay airport that has the elevation separately. May be it was improve with ADE 1.60. Since when I got this tunnel done it was still version 1.55
That's pretty slick, beautiful modeling and ADE work BTW. I figured you were using flatten polygons of some sort to make the hole but I've not had much luck with the fine control needed to do something like that, I usually end up with some shark's teeth around the edges and humps & bumps where I don't want them... I've always used SBuilder, maybe I should try some in ADE. I didn't know you were using sketchup, I can make a box in sketchup and maybe pull up a centerline to give me a peaked roof but that's about it, lol. Impressive work here and thanks for the explanation on "the hole". :)

Hi Jtanabodee,

I'm working with seperate elevations too.
I have also ADE 1.60, updated to version 1.61

M van der linden.

Hi Jim,

In ADE X you can make elevations,
The shark teeth problem is a known problem for me too, I'm also had that problem in the past,
I am always using ADE X for things like elevations and flatten groundpoly's
I'm using Sbuilderx for aerial backgrounds at airports, and some objects.
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Shark teeth is common, an inevitable. But you can put your slider for mesh resolution to the max. It can decrease shark teeth to be tiny, or mouse teeth instead.:)
Great job! Can't believe the new airport which started operation in mid 2012, serving domestic as well as East and Southeast Asian destinations has been depicted so nicely! Can I ask how many polys did you spend on the terminal and jetways? Thanks. Can't wait to try it :p
Oh great scenery china. Very much thanks yours work of china as guam!

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Hi Sebi,

I'm working with Sketchup make, Model Converter X, ADE X, gimp, paint and photoshop 2.
The animated runway guard lights are made with G-max.
I get my texture from CG textures.com.

Hi skysoft simulation

I checked it in my Sketchup model statistics, the terminal model counts 13176 faces.
And the jetway models counts 23772 faces.
You are also making great sceneries, i bought your ZJHK scenery for FSX trough simmarket, and I like it, it's a great destination.
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