Lack of data in GeoFabrik?


I would like to thank Mr. Arno for this "scenPro" tool and for his step by step tutorial:

This morning, in a couple of hours, without having any idea about autogen, I was able to create my first autogen scenery (points, natural & buildings).
And it worked perfectly well. Awesome!!

The problem, at least in Spain, seems to be the lack of data in GeoFabrik (most of the town buildings are missing)... or I am missing something.

Any idea?


** It would be wonderful to have the same tool for FS9


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How many footprints there are in the data indeed differs per country. That has nothing to do with geofabrik, it's just data that openstreetmap does not yet have.

Maybe there are some local sources in your country where you can get vector data of buildings.

About the fs2004 version, that's on the wish list :)