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FSX:SE Land Class Question

This is just a info (for me) question - I am working on a airport project which has a fairly large land class polygon of the Conifer Boreal Forest. When checked in 'top down' view, the background is just as it should be, but when looked at in the normal flying view, there is a large portion of the area with no trees. This is a somewhat irregular shaped area and as far as I can tell there is no surface under this area. I have tried a couple of land class choices (all forest types) with the same results. Is this just the nature of the beast or am I missing something? This area without trees just looks naked!:) Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Fred Z
have you tried putting a building there (in the bare spot) to test?
can you upload a pic and let us see what you are not seeing in the sim, as i wonder if it could be an elevation issue
Glottis (Ray) The project is about 60% complete - roads, taxiways, runways, buildings and other details. I would have included a screen capture but I could not figure out how(?) Dumb, I guess. Give me a hint and I will post the pic.
Fred Z

PS - I told you I was dumb, just saw how.;)


Ed and all, the area in question is all wooded (in real life) it just does not fill in. Here is a better angle for you to see what I mean. All the area center of pic shows the background for a forest - just no trees??
Thanks for any help.
Fred Z


I attached a screenshot of your airport with the ground polygon bgl removed from the active scenery folder. As you can see the trees have returned. I thought maybe that might be the reason. Ground polygons suppress autogen in the general vicinity of where they are. I took a quick look at the GP manual and I don't see anything there that allows you to turn this off. Maybe Don will see this and comment further.

Ed, thanks for your effort. Usually I use the apron and vehicle choices for roads, driveways, and other types of pads, etc. but on my last scenery project, I ran out of apron segments and used the GP selections instead. Looks like it is back to the original method. Thanks for teaching me something new about ADE. I will make changes one item at a time, maybe I will get lucky and find the problem child. And I do this for the fun of it!! :rolleyes: Maybe Don will have a solution.
Thanks again.
Fred Z

Look at the Group Size option when you compile the GP Polygon. From the manual:

Group Size (m.) - Instead of processing all GP objects as a single entity,
ADE_GP breaks up your GP objects into groups of the size you specify.
Primarily, this is a mechanism to minimize autogen suppression - by reducing
the size of the bounding boxes around your GP objects (see below). But, this
option is also helpful if all your GP objects are not at the same elevation; the
elevation of the objects in each group is set as the ground elevation at the
center of the group. As well, GP objects in a group are not processed by
FlightSim until the group is "in range", improving FPS.

Hope this helps,
Tom, thank you for your follow-up to my problem. It did not make any sense to me not to be able to use GP objects for things like driveways and pads in front of hangers and such. This will be good info for the future because I just finished changing all the GP items, except for three parking lot lines, to Aprons five minuets before I checked my e-mail on this subject. :rolleyes: BTW, the trees are back! I have not played much with GP items and I am still learning.............I guess you never stop. Thanks again Tom and Ed for all your time. I have to admit that this does keep me busy.:)
Fred Z
Tom, Ed, et all, again thanks for the help.........one question related to 'auto group' in the compile area - is there a suggested size to use? The stock ADE setup is for 10000 meters! Seems excessive.
Fred Z
You can always experiment with different group sizes and see what the effect is in FSX. I would start with say 5000 meters see what the results are and then adjust from there. It shouldn't take long as this is a setting that you can adjust when you compile.