Landable helipad in wood



IIRC, in FS9 and later, one must place "Finney" hardened Platform objects separately from the visible 2D model of the Helipad (just below the intended surface level of the Helipad); see GMAN's prior post and scenery package documentation explaining this. ;)

Note as well, that hardened Platform objects may not be "Scaled" ...when placed via BGLComp XML methods. :alert:


Yes, the FS9 Chopper World set does include some wooden towers.

Also, for the FS9 field expedient wood log pads used for firefighting sceneries, you can search Shawn Lund at Hovercontrol and AVSIM, as was mentioned, these are better suited to Instant Scenery placements as they are problematic to place otherwise due to their shape and the fact that they are designed to be placed against a hill, and they did not come with the hardened pads, and therefore included a set of addon invisible hardened pad objects which were positioned by adjusting a visible dummy platform, and then switching to a matched size invisible platform and placing it. I devised the platform set for Shawn and it was also used by many for other purposes of hardening various objects.

I placed dozens of Shawn's log pads in between trees and on steep hills, they are a lot of fun.

If you are an FSX user, Shawn did make a set of the firefighting log pads which were hardened for FSX, but it was never uploaded as I recall, it was by request, so you might drop him a message at Hovercontrol.


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AFAIK, yes, that is the hardened Platform object set for FSX Helipads.

I do not recall if there is a "wooden" helipad in Gary Mills' Finney "Chopper World" set of libraries, but these are excellent 3D models
Indeed, all the "Finney" scenery objects (and the 'CrossHairs Plus' user aircraft object for scenery placement) are excellent. :)

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Let us go back to the problem.
The question was whether there was a wooden landable platform for heli's available. Apparently there is not.
Ergo, make your own wooden landable platform for heli's.
Some (like Gman and GaryGB) have also replied to explain the ways to do that but there has not been any real answer from Finndo in this respect.
Are we talking about FSX or P3D?
In FSX Instant scenery for placement works fine but P3Dv4 is another story.
In the latter case, ADE (Airport Design Editor) is (one of) the answer(s).
For a simple inanimate scenery object like a helipad (FSX or P3D), I would use Sketchup to make it. Just use wooden planks as a texture and there you go. Then (as has been explained before in this thread) use MCX (ModelConverterX) to put in a hardened surface and export/compile as a scenery. You end up with a bgl that you can place with IS (Instant Scenery) in FSX or with ADE (both for FSX and P3D) as long as you add your newly made bgl to the Library Object manager of P3D.
When you then (with ADE) open your airport and right click, you can add your Library object (the hardened wooden helipad) where you want it to be in your airport scenery and compile.

PS: Sorry about repeating things other helpful repliers may have said already. I just wanted to reply in my own way from the perspective of one that uses Sketchup, ModelconvertX and ADE to make and place this kind of objects in/into FSX/P3D.
I managed to make one :)

Thank you for your help.

The next one will be to draw the coastline or convert to the bgl file
What can you recommend?

Hi When I draw with Google skechup and export to *.dae file and open this with ModelconvertX save this to bgl fil (FSX) Why does texture not come with? Or what should I have done?
this is for helipad I self made :)
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I suggest that you export from Sketchup as a Google Earth KMZ file, which automatically packages a Collada *.DAE file along with all mapped textures and a KML file within a ZIPed file format that MCX can import (...a KML ZIPed is a KMZ).

Otherwise you must gather all mapped textures inside the same folder as the Collada *.DAE exported from Sketchup when you attempt to import it into MCX.

I have not used Google Earth KMZ file.
I only export it to * .dae file and import it from MCX and save it to * .BGL file
When you export it, there is a texture file with * .jpg file that contains the image you have used for texture
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Sounds like the textures weren't converted prior to exporting into a .bgl file?


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The point I'm making is that the textures have to be converted by you first prior to exporting into a .bgl file. It's not done automatically.
Convert a SketchUp object using ModelConverterX

ModelConverterX - New material editor

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