FSX Landable platform tutorial ?


As I must believe, making a landable platform with Airort for Windows is hopeless old fashion... I decided to try to make such landable platform with GMAX for FSX. Although the results with Airport for Windows are more than satisfying.
I red a lot of topics about this matter, but none is clear explained for me. :(
Hope that someone could make a tutorial with screenies explaining step by step how to proceed. :rolleyes: That would be very helpfull for a lot of designers.

Greetz. José.

One screenshot has been added to the tutorial, i.e. the use of the Select Tool in order to be sure the designer uses the correct plane during the proces.
Hope this tutorial helps a lot of GMAX users.
The link above is still available of course.

Greetz. José.
Gmax landable platform tut


I am afraid I am ignorant when it comes to Gmax, but I want to learn it.
But it took me half an hour to find this tutorial back and only because I knew it was there.
As I said I am ignorant in this respect, it would be nice if even the steps to make the cube are explained in pictures and only then followed by the rest of the tutorial.

Can't we add it to the Wiki?

In the WIKI here is some guidance about basic modeling, link: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php?title=Introduction_to_modeling_with_GMax

There was also a tutorial on NL2000 website. The same for other tutorials about building a house (even translated in Dutch). I must have this tutorial somewhere. A lot of GMAX tuts aren't there anymore, pitty.
I will look if I can find these items.

Meanwhile have look at http://homepages.mcb.net/bones//04fs/tutorial/design/GMax_Basics.htm (it's nearly the same guidance you can find in the WIKI). It's also valid for FSX of course. Its' only by trying again and again you can learn... simply do it.

Greetz. José.
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