Landclass and Terrain documentation out


Resource contributor
Hi all,

the days are getting shorter and it's time for a great read in front of a cozy fireplace so here's a suggestion:

Compiling several years worth of work "under the hood" of FS, Joachim Buhre recently uploaded a documentation that describes the inner workings of the FS2004 landscape "engine" -- land/water class, terrain mesh, fs9.cfg parameters -- in meticulous detail. The PDF version has 502 pages packed with information.

It's the first time since Christian Stock published his Terra Model File Manual for FS2002 - - that someone has attempted to provide a comprehensive overview of the complexity and integration of the FS landscape display. Moreover, Joachim's document is based entirely on first-hand knowledge from extensive, fully documented testing.

Please note that the document is available in German only. However, I highly recommend having a look at Joachim's document, even if you have to work your way through the pages with an auto-translator. Besides, some of the graphs and tables should be self-explanatory.

Big thank-you to Joachim for sharing this with the community!

Cheers, Holger