Landclass for urban areas, ideas ? (SBuilder)

Hi all!

I am writing here to get som ideas rgd my newest project. I have earlier made a scenery called Norway Cities for FS2004. This scenery is made from detailed vtp-polygons within Sbuilder.

Now I am trying to make the exact same scenery for FSX. The Esri SHP file appends with no problems into Sbuilder, and my compile gives me a bgl file, and it works without hassle in FSX, but... It doesnt look good in FSX.. so I am thinking of a new apporach here.. is there a way to create normal landclass bgls that covers the same area as all my polygons do, without doing this the manual way ? (Entire Norway is about 20000+ polys...)

Thx inm advance..



Resource contributor
Hi Freddy,

I have a version of SBuilder for FSX that does LandClass and WaterClass. If you want to test it and are prepared to encounter some bugs, please write me,

Regards, Luis