Landing AI helicopters in FS2004

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me the best way if possible to get an AI helicopter to land on my helipad ?

I have been experimenting with a Chinook in AI flightplanner, very pleased so far but it taxi`s just like a normal aircraft. One thing i noticed it does take off and land in quite a short distance which may be quite helpful.

I have been using ADE and AI flight planner.

Many thanks
Seem it's like Fsx, till now no one with fixed skid (without wheels) can land and take off properly, it's because mostly all the Ai helcopter have wheels. the air and config files are tweaked for this porpouse. to sorten the take of run.
there is a payware tool "Heli Traffic 2009" tha can make the helicopter behaviour like helicopters.
Many thanks for reply Bernardo. I was looking at that before i posted, looks interesing will have a look later.

There was one idea i found, someone posted that you could add another short runway besides your helipad or parking gate etc, with only a very short taxi link. The problem which i think may happen with this is that on return the helicopter may decide to land back at your main runway and not on the intended runway lol.
I will look into this more over the weekend.

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Yes I hear about that, you have to make another runway, can make this invisible setting his wide to 0 and very short, and seem this can take off almost vertically, don't know more about this, I'd like to know how "heli traffic" do to get those helicopters.