FSXA Landing/Taxi light issue

I have come across an odd issues on my latest build

I have attached landing and taxi lights to my main undercarriage, and as you see they work in one shot attached
problem is, I always test my aircraft in the the UK or USA on FSX

however, if I move my aircraft to the middle east or somewhere around there the lights go into reverse, and disappear behind where they should be like the second picture

any ideas?


after trying to figure this out, I eventually tried some models, not of my making. I used the Justflight Typhoon, the FSX DC3, and the FSX Beechcraft. I used DOHA as an airfield, and the odd issue still happens. At certain directions, the landing/taxi lights will move behind parts of the model. Not only that, but the nav lights all move around too. Very odd FSX Querk???