Large flat autogen buildings?

Ive been annotating some photoscenery with autogen, and this photoscenery includes some malls etc. I know that there is special autogen to cover such buildings, but I can't for the life of me figure out which it is. I was assuming that it's in the Roofdesigns.xml, but can't figure out which grouping it is. Anybody have an idea? Please see below for what I'm talking about...

In addition, I noticed how many photosceneries and such have a variety of trees, rather then just one variety. I'm assuming that this is made possible by placing trees from a variety of groupings? Though it doesn't seem like I can get this to work by adding a polygon of trees from one grouping, and then dot that same polygon with the oldschool vegetation rectangles using a different grouping. Can these things overlap or will they cancel each other out?

Thanks for any help!



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Hi Benjamin,

There are indeed various groups for flat roofs. You would have to use one of those.

I think you should be able vegetation like you say, but I never tried it.