P3D v4 Layering objects in ADE

I am having an issue getting a building to show up. P3dv4.4. ( worked for a long time..now its disappeared) It shows fine, finally, and it shows thumbnails in the library manager if I edit the building. I have bgl's, dds, jpeg, and all the right stuff..trying, move forward, move back, etc but it just won't show. I have installed, uninstalled Orbx global and vector. Now the original FSX buildings pop up and ruin my airport.
Some ideas, please and also, where should airport addon be in the list of scenery library if using Orbx?
UPDATE, the building just poppped up in P3dv4, all of sudden but those original buildings poppped up too so it must be something I have done and Orbx has done to mess up my fantastic self imposed airport. :)
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Bob M.
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Moving things in ADE Forward or Back only modifies the ADE display, not in P3D. For the default buildings you have at least two choices:

1. Start with the default airport and delete them from the ADE display.
2. Create exclude rectangles around them (button with a yellow square on it).
Thanks Tom, the building magically popped up and has continued to stay there. The original buildings from the stock airport popped up when I put Orbx Global and Vector and disappeared if I removed Orbx back to my ADE. So I posted on Orbx to see what they say. I believe everything is excluded in my ADE because I literally almost have nothing from the original airport except maybe signs and runways...
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Bob M.