P3D v4 LECH aeropuerto Castellón Costa Azahar

Hi all,

Sorry to bother you but I would need some assistance here if I want to get this freeware scenery published.
To give you some background information:
LECH is a rather new airport with few (charter) flights and is nowhere to be found in FSX nor P3D obviously. It was even hard to find the necessary airport data but
I am not sure if it is going to be one of those Spanish phantom airports or not but it does have potential as an alternative for Reus (LERS) and Valencia (LEVC) in as far as it provides for destinations closer to the Spanish east coast between the south of Catalunya and north of Valencia (comprising many touristic destinations such as Benicassim, Oropesa del mar, Torreblanca with Marina d'Or, Vinaroz, Benicarló, Peñíscola, the Sierra de Irta and the beautiful unspoiled hinterland of the north of the province of Castellón (the Maestrazgo mountain range).
At the moment the only companies that go there are Ryanair and Blue Air (AFAIK because there used to be WizzAir as well).
So far for the background info.
Who I would need to give me a hand?
Someone that knows how to convert the 5m or 10m, .ERS format MESH for use in FSX/P3D to ensure that the surroundings (and the new A7 autovía) and even the whole of the Comunidad Valenciana (Comunitat Valenciana for the purists) and the approaches to this airport are rendered as real as can be in FSX/P3D.
I will take care (although I will not mind any help doing it) of the AFCAD, the groundpoly, the seasoned, blended and night photoreal and the airport buildings, airport side installations and approach, runway and taxiway lighting, etc. (once I get permission to take photos air side, which should not be too hard because they can use all help to further their promotional targets).


PS: I could translate this into Spanish but will wait until some Spanish speaking FSDeveloper member (s) will respond.
Thanks, JP.
I checked the scenery. It is nicely done and the buildings have been made as they are in reality.
However, it is a rather basic scenery with just a huge flatten instead of a detailed mesh, and no custom groundpoly.
I will indeed contact them to see if we could make a more elaborate v2 together.
I would still need to find out though how to convert the .ers format into something the FSX/P3D resampler can read.