FSX:SE Letter overlay on a textured building

Gentlemen...is it possible to apply decal of large letters over a textured building (hanger)? I use the word 'decal' because I can't think of a better description. I have not, as yet, found a way how.
Any assistance is appreciated.
Fred Z
You can make a plane with only one side with the text (or letter) as a alpha texture and put it very close to the hangar wall.


Resource contributor
You will have to be careful about how close you place it to the wall. Too close and it will flash as you move away from the building, too far and it will look odd.


Resource contributor
If the hanger is created by you in something like Sketch up then you can texture the building and then using the pen tool create a rectangle where on the building you want the logo/sign/decal to appear . Then you can place a texture into that area to replace the texture that was there for that purpose - If you have an award shape then use the same texture as the background for the logo and this in effect can be made to blend. Its also useful if you ant to have a night texture effect of the logo lit at light