P3D v4 LFNJ Aspres-sur-Buëch FSX P3D4

Hello everyone,

I present this small aerodrome located in the Hautes-Alpes department in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur 05.

The aerodrome of Aspres-sur-Buëch is a particular aerodrome in the sense that it is positioned on a small plateau which overhangs
the country of Buëch. Some pilots call it "the aircraft carrier" because the landing on this ground could look like a deck!

The aerodrome of Aspres, also known as the Aerodrome du Chevalet, has a wild character. Lost in a luminous valley, in the middle of the mountains,
the airfield of Aspres will delight the pilots who prefer to fly away from the tumult of the big aerodromes.
However, the specificity of its aerology reserves it to pilots with a license.

Available for FSX / P3D :

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Wow - that's my new holiday resort soon! Seen the first pic and thought "man, another boring green strip with a building".
But all the next are deeply impressive - what a highly detailed place.... Great job!
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Good evening everyone :)

Well yes, it's a lot of work and to do it is long ... I don't know if they will succeed

to replace us with machines (I can't imagine the bugs) it's not for tomorrow it's for sure :)

Just to say that some screens are coming and the release date

it's uh ... for uh ..... normally February 15th ...
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Really outstanding!
I want requiest some brittany airports like LFRB, fvfr are too long to update their old scenery
Fantastic job! I must get this airport, and then take my avatar for a dip in the pool :) .
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Hello everyone,

I did not receive an alert!
I thought no one has passed ....

Thank you very much for your comments :)
Installing this now - thanks for the sale. Looking forward to giving this a try this weekend.

Can you help me understand why I need to run three installer programs and enter my password each time? This is a bit much, don't you think?