P3D v4 LGRP / LGRD Rhodos WIP (released now)

Very nice, the speed at which you work is incredible!

I have to ask, are your photoreals made using "tiles" or rather one large sbuilder poly?
Sorry, in the last Time i worked at German Airport Patches for P3D v4

Now Rhodos will continuing by me.

In this scenery i work from outer area to inner area

How is the progress?

- Photoground 30cm/px with seasons - finished
- Mesh and LC - finished
- Complete autogen - finished




A new massive photoscenery of Greece is now available at simmarket :) Any chanse you will make Rhodos compatible so they blend well together. A VFR dream if all commercial scenery would work well with it..

Thanks Panos!

Today I can show you a lot of new things. The airport has got an extensive Groundpoly system and is fully operational, including traffic. As always I do the building only when everything is ok.

Here the pictures

Taxiway with original Skids from Rhodes

Taxilights with Groundspot and new Centerline Lights

WigWags and Hold Short lighted

Apron with original skidmarks from the real Rhodos Ground

Airport main road mit Traffic

And the Highlight - Apron with dynamic Lights

....and much more

There was really a lot of "wood" uphill to move until all this worked out :)
In my airport Rhodes I have two parallel lighting systems integrated. Once standard lights and on the other Dynamic Lights. The switchover takes place in the configurator of the scenery. This ensures that Prepar3D v3 compatibility (untested) and, on the other hand, users with slightly older graphics cards can use the scenery.

Here are two pictures

Standard Lights

Dynamic Lights

At the moment the scenery is in the detailed Betatest to find possible weaknesses already.
Today there is a bigger preview, because a lot has happened. The entire north-east of the scenery is ready.

First the overview what`s ready



The northeastern inner area was completely completed with the Duty Free Base and the Fuel Base.

innerer area day

innerer area night

a little more detail

Duty Free Base Day

Duty Free Base Night

Fuel Base Day

Fuel Base Night

The Scenery will tested now from my Betatesters.