LHSimulations : LHPR and LHBY

Hi all,

We are working on our first payware project. Two airports will be modeled LHPR (Győr-Pér) and LHBY (Bőny). The two airports are located in Northeast of Hungary. They are extremely close to each other, actualy LHBY lying on the traffic pattern of Pér.
LHPR is an international but small airport with one asphalt runway. The airport is located 10km's from the Hungarian factory of Audi. Private Wings Dornier 328's are bringing the audi's worker day by day. The airports handles extremely lot of cargo as well. Other special thing of this airport that I make my PPL training here at the moment :)
LHBY (Bőny) is a smaller airport with grass runway. It has a big hangar for a maintenance base. This is the biggest maintenance base in Europe for YAK-52.

Here are the first in progress shots:

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Hi Guys!

We are progressing with this scenery.

At LHPR we are ready with all buildings, only the night textures are missing and at the end the LOD and FSX conversion.
Groundpoly and runway is still in progress.
LHBY we did not start yet.

you are pretty talented, guys ! keep up the good work. do those screenies belong to fs9 or fsx ? i am amazed especially at the dusk shots.

Thanks. These shots are from fs9. We will do an fsx as well, but it will be even more beatiful with bump and reflection texture.