Library creater does not see half my libraries

This very well may be due to problems on my computer I've been having- here goes.

Made a simple box in FSDS, gave it a texture - created my mdl. Went to ez library and open one of my libraries and added the object I made, generated the bgl and saved. In FS9 I could not find this library!

Repeated the process above and added my new object in a library my Instant scenery program does see. Went to FS9 That library does open, but my new object was not in that library. I will report back after I try this with ez scenery placer. any ideas? Bob


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Hi Bob,

Two things come to my mind:

  1. Are you sure you compile the new library at the same place as the old one? If you have the same library active twice you don't know which one FS will pick and that could result in missing objects.
  2. Can Library Creator XML still find all the other MDL files as well, else compilation might fail.
Arno- Good chuckles here. A couple of months ago I disabled some files in FS9 temporarily so FS9 would run a bit better with fewer blurries. it seemed to work fairly well. These were files and libraries I didn't need where I was flying. I had toatlly forgotten I had done this! My faux pas! The laugh is on me. Bob BTW- is there any way to get my rwy and taxi lights to shine brighter? I made a series of lights one places by hand on rwys and tasiways for areas that don't have them. These are radio controlled. I've had many downloads on these. However, I notice they are not as bright as I'd like them to be. If I scale them to 1.25 or 1.5 they seem nice but a bit big. As they are right now they are visible but could be a bit brighter... like default lights or AFCAD lights. Bob
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