Library Creator to Rwy12 Object Placer

Please, excuse my poor English.
I tried for the first time to do a new building (an air terminal) for FSX. I entirely followed the tutorial "Creating and Placing sketchup Buildings into FS"
I was succesful in that operation and I got an XML and a BGL file. With the related textures, I had a library with texture and scenery folder inside.
I tried to use Rwy12 Object Placer and the SDK Object Placement tool too to view my building and place ii in some airport, but I failed in this.
So the help I need is: how I must utilize the Library Creator files in Rwy (or the object placement tool in FSX) to get the result?
Many thanks for your answer
Vittorio Giordano Rome, Italy


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Rwy12 was designed for fs2004 and I would not use it with fsx. For fsx you can better use WhisPlacer or the sdk placement tool.

For the sdk placement tool you just need to put your library in an active scenery folder. Then the object will show in the list (not by name, but by the guid).

If you are using a sketchup object and only want to place it in a few locations, it might be even easier to do the placement from modelconverterx directly when you convert the object.