Library Creator XML 2.0 (alpha, build 2)

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Here is a new version of Library Creator XML for FsX. Compared to the previous alpha version, the following changes have been made:

  • Internally I changed some code, that makes it easier to maintain for me. So if I did not add extra bugs while making those changes, you should not see anything from this.
  • You can now drop a file on the tool and it will then open that XML file.
  • I tested the compilation trouble reported with the earlier alpha version and I can not reproduce them, so hopefully they are solved.

Based on this version, I will start to add more features. The next version should not take as long as this one to appear though :). If you find any problems with this new version, please let me know. I will also start to write a manual once the basic features are done.
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Hi Arno,
many thanks for this great tool. Today i've tested your tool for the first time and it works fine. No errors occurs. :)
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