Library Creator xml for other flight sim installs

Is there a way to make a new library file for a new install of flightsim. I have just installed Bill lyons Golden wings 3 . which is a new install of flightsim so I have two flightsims installed on the computer and I would like to make a library file for that . It has a lot of new things in it and I wouls like to have a library for that . Any thoughts on this.

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Hi Woody,

Interesting addon that is, I think I'll try it later as well (I love those old aircraft :)).

But back to your question, as it is just Fs2004, you should be able to use your custom BGL in it as well. The only thing you might have to figure out is where the scenery for this "new" FS is stored.
Hi Arno
It seems that the scenery is in the same place that it would be in flight sim
what you do is install a clean copy of fs9 from the disk than the update file and then the Golden wings .and with that it takes you back to the 1930's. it takes out most of the taxi strips and makes them grass. so I am thinking that all is in the same folder's. I was just kind of thinking how to go about getting a new library Bgl from it so I could use the object XML to place things. and to see if it would give me pictures of all the stuff.

anyway thanks and if you like to fly the old stuff you will like this.

woody :wave: