Library Creator .xml Runtime Error

Hi Arno,
I'm trying to compile the Rwy12 add_XXXXXX.xml and I get the error :

Run Time Error '52'
Bad File Name Or Number

Any ideas which line it refers to?

Thanks / Gary
Hey Gman

I've only got this error once and it was when I didnt save the Add_xxxx.xml file into the rwy12 folder. Once I save it to the Rwy12 folder it was ok.

Maybe this is the problem



I've just tried what I said above, and it was a Runtime Error '72' not '52' so maybe that isnt the problem
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Hey Stevo,
Thanks for the input.
Maybe that takes 1 choice away.
I still have phone a friend, and poll the audience left :duck:
Hey Stevo,
I used your tutorial today and was able to use Library Creator .XML successfully.
Thanks!!! :)

When First start my program writing this message:

Run-time error '-2147024770 (8007007e)'
Automation error

What this?


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I don't know that error. Have you installed the full runtime version? Else it could be that you are missing a common file.