Library Creator XML v1.03 alpha release


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FSDevConf team
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I have made an alpha version available of the Library Creator XML v1.03 update. In this new version the following things have been changed:

  • Fixed a few bugs within the relative path option
  • Mass add folder button removed, you can now select multiple files at once in the select file dialog
  • Option added to create a EZ-Scenery TXT file with your BGL file, this file allows users of EZ-Scenery to see the name of the objects in your library

I have not yet create a new installer or updated the manual on the Wiki. Therefore this new version is first available as an alpha release. Please let me know if there are still bugs in this new version, then I can fix them before the official release. If anyone want to help with updating the manual on the Wiki, please let me know as well.

Click here to download this alpha version.