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I am working with Robert Catherall's RJAA freeware AFCAD/scenery for P3D that is an update to Ray Smiths. I am inquiring about a few problems with this process that may be newer to 1.78 as I don't remember these troubles from earlier versions:

1) There are several "blackbox" library objects that won't appear in the final BGL even if I select "compile unknown library objects."
2) It is not consistent as some will show up and some will not - I notice that those that do not show seem to have originally been based on "OBX" files that are part of the default install?

I realize that pulling from these old sceneries is a problem, but Robert Catherall seems to have been able to build a BGL that includes these files. Robert credits ADE as among the tools used and I myself have been using ADE for some time. However, I am stumped.

P.S. the reason I'm trying to do this as Robert's dynamic lights are severely performance robbing and I'm trying to remove those objects and recompile. So many of my payware sceneries have dynamic lights that do not cause this extreme performance hit that Robert's lights include. I emailed Robert but it seems that he has stopped making these Ray Smith P3Dv4 port overs.


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The OBX objects are "geo limited" and will only display in a small area around their original placement. They have to be decompiled and recompiled to remove it, or you can use Don's Geo Lock program to unlock it (but that won't fix it on other people's computers, if you are releasing anything).
Hi Tom,

Thank you, I am learning more about MCX and decompiling. My motivation is to bring some FSX stuff forward for myself.