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MSFS Library objects- how to know what is standard

As @alcedo mentioned, you need to take a look at the Package name when you browse through the objects.

Before noticing this, I added a couple of objects that were part of freeware addon scenery when I thought they were from the default MSFS library.

When I sent my scenery to my friend to test it, I asked him what he thinks about the objects I added so he said what object?

MSFS does not give an error about a missing scenery library item. This has its advantages and some disadvantages as well. I like the fact that it does not give an error and this is not a show stopper when we start the flight in the area like in other sims. But there should be in the Content Manager eventually an indication that specific library items are missing.
The files from FlyboyRez1 (see above) are a perfect refrence.

For building sceneries for owners of the basic edition you can use all objects named ms-base* and asobo* from the scenery and sim objects list, additionally a list of the basic airports is useful. Of course you can use objects from all airports that came with the world updates, IF these show up in the list, these can easily be identified by their name *katl*, egg*, uk*, rj* etc.


  • list of basic edition default airports.jpg
    list of basic edition default airports.jpg
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I hope that when I have a version of ADE for FS2020 it will identify stock objects in the Library Object Manager but that is a little way off
What about having the ability to import 3rd party objects into a "common" library?
There are a number of "mini-libraries" over at flightsim.to, and I tend to grab them as they come up.so that I have them available when a mod needs them. Only works for flightsim.to, but that's where a LOT of the action in the MSFS2020 add ons world appears to be right now.
The very best idea would probably be to ask MS to incorporate any suitable objects into their own object libraries. Perhaps by asking object developers to send them to MS for vetting and inclusion. That could resolve the issue for the whole community. Increase the whole default model library, and make the objects available to any developer, whether he/she inhabits a particular site or not.
I'm thinking that rather than put them in a document, I'll just zip up all the screenshots I took of the objects and people can scroll through at their leisure. Where would be a good place to upload them?

Here's the list of Gen_hangar objects I would use as hangars
01 Peaked Medium GA, front door
02 Arched Short Blue GA Front door
03 Peaked Short Blue Trim GA Front Door
04 Peaked Short Blue GA Front Door
05 Small Long Olive GA Front Door with Wings
06 Peaked Short light gray GA with storage side
07 Double Long Peaked GA Front door
08 Triple Long Peaked GA Front door
09 4 Door long peaked GA Side Doors
10 3 Door Long Peaked GA Folding Side Doors
11 Arched Olive Storage Shed longish
12 Arched Olive Storage Shed short
13 Peaked Storage Shed that could be stretched to a hangar
14 3 Door Long Peaked GA Folding Side Doors
15 Arched Light Gray Storage Shed short
35 Huge
37 Peaked Light Gray Maroon Trim 2 door GA Side Doors
38 Large tall
39 large small
40 Large
53 Large-ish Flat top long Side Door
70 long one side flat roof 4 Side Doors
78 Small Huge with Offices and garages surrounding
81 Huge with 3 level car garage on back
82 2 hangar round large-ish
84 Huge Large Airport Hangar
85 Huger with offices on side
120 Huge
166 very large arch top Front door
167 very large arch top Front Door
178 Good size GA Flat top Side Door
186 Tall GA pitched roof Front Door
I figured out that in the Object window in the default Scenery Editor, it tells you what library the object came from, so it's easy for me to avoid orbx and other payware sceneries I have. Now I just need to figure out how to easily document which libraries I've used for any given scenery so I can include what I used and where to get it if I use non-base objects.