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FSXA Light effects (even default ones) are looking strange

It's not at all a development problem, but I'm looking for help as I have no more clue where to look at to solve a problem I'm facing for quite a while now.

For a couple of years I used the commercial volumetric light replacement A2A REDUX 3D-Lights, but after going back to defaults, I'm observing the effect that lights are split in one spot (the brighter one) sitting above the point where it should be emitted and one below it. From farther distances it becomes more and more obvious. The picture might show what I'm meaning.


Landing or bypassing AI traffic looks like having a double row of landing lights. The same is visible when looking at light posts being implemented at airports.

After removing the REDUX lights (they where much too bright - but this is rather a matter of taste) I checked the aircraft.cfg files against their respective default settings, backed up my effects folder and used one with the default files only without avail. The same "success" happened when leaving it to FSX building a new fsx.cfg file.

Unfortunately I'm even not sure that there is any dependency with A2A's product as I found out one day that the lights are not looking as I would expect it. It could have been REX, which I kicked out a while ago, or even HiFi Sim's ASN environment that should not be active anymore as well because of Active Sky 2016, knowing nothing anymore about specific texture replacements except for clouds.

BTW, neither Aerosoft's buses nor PMDG's birds bringing their on lights are involved. It seems to be restricted to default lights, regardless of using Dx9 or Dx10 settings.

I'm now at my wit's end and hope that somebody here can give me hint where to look at.

EDIT: It obviously must have something to do with A2A's REDUX lights as I just reinstalled the package for default planes and the effect disappeared from the stationary light posts. I have still no idea why.
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