Light effects with MCX & P3D SDK Special Effects Tool


I am currently experimenting with setting up lights in P3D for my air traffic control tower.
The goal is to have 3 static red lights during night and 3 flashing lights on top during daytime.
I would like to have lights which emit light and are visible at the same time like a navlight.

When using the Special effects tool I have been experimenting a little bit, but I noticed a few problems.
1) When clicking the "emit light" checkbox, I do not have a round light texture anymore.
2) It seems setting the rate to 0 gives no light and setting it higher than 1 makes the light grow continuously. I just want to have a static light but I cannot seem to get the hang of it.
Using this page as reference: Tab

can someone explain these settings a bit more clear? Why do most settings have 2 boxes? Day and night? Begin and end value?



The best thing to do would be to open an existing default effect, like fx_navredh and tweak it from there to make your own. Apart from the dynamic lighting which can be isolated, I'm not sure there's any benefit of using effects over textured models since effects disappear very quickly, or at least they seem to for me.