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Lights as effects in SCASM

We (not only me) have stuck on visibility problem of lights which have limited visibility distance in FS2004. In older, crashed forum, Rhumbaflappy made a nice anticollision light on a chimney, which could be visible who know how many km away. As far as I remember, it was made using effects. I received a mail today in which writer tells me that in SCASM it could be solved using polygons; close to the light source, it can be ordinary Light(), farther away illuminated polygon. But I am more curious about effect. Does anybody has any sample, how the "chimney anticollision light effect" could be used in SCASM, in API otherwise produced with FSDS? The API I am talking about are PAPI lights btw.

Best regards,
Hi Goran,

It is possible with a simple SCASM command (GObj) to add an effect to an API. I think you are aware of that. I have used this in the past to add smoke to a chimney for example. So I hope Dick reads this as well and can post his effect again. Then it should be rather easy for you to add it to the API.
Arno, agreed. I hope Rhumba will post that chimney :)
BTW Arno, I am a little bit suspicious if there will be some trobles regarding reference point et al. if You remember my house with smoke on chimney...
Yes, I suddenly remember that post :rolleyes:

If you want to place them with SCASM you need to position the RefPoint correct because GObj doesn't seem to respond to translations. Maybe we can try some of the new Fs2002/Fs2004 translate commands, they might work. I still need to evaluate how the attached effects in the new GMax gamepack are translated, but that might give a clue.
Hi Goran.

What I had posted was a Gmax object that used attached effects. The object was a round transparent ball. I placed 9 effects ( closely spaced 0 to see if the light effects were additive.. .they are. The 9 closely spaced light effects are brighter and visible from farther away.

If you want to place the effects from SCASM, I don't know if it will work. The 9 effects i used were tied to a single object, and the SCASM code would be just 9 separate effects ( even if they are closely spaced ).

You could use the object I made... or make a new Gmax object with your own effects attachments. The only downside is this object won't work in FS2002.

I'll attach the "lightbulb".

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thank You! I will take a look at it and hopefully something good will come out :)

Thanks and best regards,