Lights below ground polys

Would it be a good idea to increase the height of the default runway so that lights are above the custom runway ground poly and therefore are visible? Would there be any unintended consequences such as taxiway distortion or ai aircraft "floating" above the runway?


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It does not work that way. Ground poly has more priority over default runway by AFCAD/ADE file. No mater how you elevate the default, you cannot see the light over ground poly.


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You have at least three choices:

1, Cut little holes in your ground polygon to allow the lights to shine.
2. Use small round black dots in the texture's alpha channel to make holes in the ground poly. If you make them gray dots the holes will be only semi-transparent so they are not so obvious.
3. Use 3D lights or (possibly) other techniques to place lights on top of the ground poly.
My ground poly aprons made with ADE hides my lighting polys. For now, I have solved this "quick'n'dirty" by using effects instead for my four airports in question.
I was convinced I had explained how to solve this problem in some of those earlier threads but apparently not?
Alright then, once more:
Do not use effects but use textures and make sure that those (light) textures are given a Z-bias that is (depending on the P3D version) either higher or lower than your top groundpoly layer/Z-bias.



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Yes, Roby. Jason z, please read the Wiki. Effect causes a hard hit on FPS, even you decrease to only one emitter.
Texture with light and good material setting is much better.


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Thank you, but as I use P3D4 using assembly code is out of question.
There is more than effect placement. The lght texture is a very good method in P3D as well. Please read the reference of each method. Each one will lead to the thread about how to do it.