FSX Lights in the VC


I've been working on Converting FS2004 aircraft to FSX and of course I am splitting the exterior model and the VC, which ModelConverterX makes very easy.

My question is that I have the landing lights working in the exterior model (the light splashes on the ground), and they also shine in the VC. In FS2004 we needed to put the lights into both the exterior and VC models.

Am I correct in assuming I do not need to model the landing lights in the VC model, because the exterior model takes care of that in all circumstances?

Yes you are correct you only need the landing lights on the exterior model. Matter of fact all lights go on the exterior only. If you need cabin lights or any type of vc lights you use the panel.cfg lights section to add those effects.
Also adding hard coded lights to the exterior model will prevent bleed when using FSX with Direct 10 X enabled and all of the P3D up to V3 also prevent bleed. But V4 will bleed very bad and i am not happy with this.

Thanks for the answer. What do you mean by "bleed" - is that the shining of the light through parts of the plane to shine on other parts? If so, that's a good tip.