Lights over custom GP (FS2004) (SOLVED)

Im looking for someone who is willing to take a little part in my project.
Currently im having problem to make an approach lights appear visible over Custom Ground poly.
That is:
Scasm Light (AFW) or Blg light command: Using LIGHT_NAV in gmax.
Light type - ALSF1 15 strobes.
PM me for any other info as well as $$ negotiation...

Thank you.


Resource contributor
I had a similar problem with my custom ground polygon runway. It was as if it absorbed any lights placed between the observer and ground. I noticed that the AI aircraft lights; nav, landing and ground splash were unaffected by the condition, so that remains a possibility, if you can figure out how to get an effect driven strobe to dance an ALFS configuration. I finally solved the issue but my solution was not suitable for payware due to restrictions imposed by the lighting system author.