LIMN airport for P3D v4. Need some hints.

I'm looking for creating a photorealistic scenario of LIMN airport for P3D v4.
I prepared the base image, designed some taxiways, added some parking areas, added some shelters (I used FS9 shelters gifted to me from other designers.
I compiled what done and loaded in the sim, however I can't see in the sim what I'm seeing in ADE.
If it is not a trouble to help me, I would need the following:
1) where can I find objects library to add military airplane shelters (NATO)?
2) In ADE I see the FS9 shelters, but in the compiled BGL they aren't.
3) In the compiled airport I can't get the textures of the base image I used as airport terrain.
Thanks a lot in advance for any support and patience!
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1. I don't know.
2. The Cameri_Hangars.BGL file needs to be in an active scenery folder, and the textures for that library need to be in the Texture folder next to it.
3. The background image in ADE is only used in ADE and not in FS. It is not photoscenery. That has to be created separately by some other program.