List of All ADE Shortcut Keys or Commands

I used to know the shortcut or key command to move an item up or down in a list, but for the life of me I cannot remember what it is. Same thing for the "rubber band" shortcut.

I especially use the list movement shortcut when in Approach Mode and I have to add a leg to an existing approach. The leg is always added at the bottom of the list. I used to know how to move it up, but have completely forgotten how and searching the various "help" sources has been fruitless.

Is there a forum posting that shows all keyboard shortcut commands or is it in the help sources somewhere? I have searched and searched using "Move items in a List", "Moving Approach Legs", "Keyboard Shortcuts", "Shortcut Commands", "Rubber Band", everything I could think of. Cannot find anything anywhere. I miss the old days of the pdf manual that I could browse through page by page by page. What fun and very informative.

I'm using v1.70.6 and from the ADE menu click on "Help" then on "Commands Help"
this will bring up the Keys and menu's
quickly: the "R" is the rubberband, hold down this key then drag with the left mouse button over the object you need, Jon was going to look at using the rubberband selection in any direction instead of North to South............
approach legs, use the "U" key for up and the "D" key for down

Thanks Ray,

I tried using the Command Help line, but never thought to type "Move Leg Up". Tried all different variables, but none matched what ADE "wanted" me to say. It's kinda like an online catalogue. If "you" don't know what "they" called it in their inventory you are never gonna find it. ;)

Thanks for the gentle nudge in the right direction. Now I can get back to work on my approaches...