P3D v4 LLHZ - Herzlia Airfield, Israel

Herzlia airfield is a very important GA base in Israel, located just north of Tel Aviv in the city of Herzlia.
I am upgrading an old scenery with a new ground poly. The current ground is based on default textures and really needed a renovation.
This project is freeware.
As you can see there is more work to be done. Alpha channels need more tweaks and some GP element need to have more precision on location.
Everything is based on the real world airfield.

The easternmost holding position with an hebrew caption written on the asphalt that means "Stop".
GP layering needs to be altered here:

Parking position


Runway 29 with the old numbers covered in black paint and cracks running along the entire runway

White line running across the apron


Any tips would be appreciated. I really need some tips about how to make the runway more dirty.
Very cool -- another neglected part of the world is getting much needed attention.

Wish you success, hope to fly this one day in the sim.