LMML Malta Luqa - WIP

Dear Developers and Readers,

I have been doing this hobby as a developer for only 4 years, because I was simply looking for a meaningful occupation as a pensioner. In the meantime, this has become a full-time job that I really enjoy.

Everything I had to learn, I could take from this forum. I don't want to think about what would happen if this forum didn't exist. Many thanks to all colleagues who provide their knowledge and the software here.

So, a big thank you to all of you who selflessly make your work available as well.

My thanks also go to payware developers, who also help here and make some valuable things available.

I am happy to learn something new almost every day and to keep my brain fit.

So what I can make available as freeware only exists because you exist.

To all members and readers a happy and healthy new year 2019 with many new addons.
I also follow this thread with great interest.
Thanks for the intervention 'cause of the posts that had nothing to do with the topic.
I also follow this thread with great interest.
Thanks for the intervention 'cause of the posts that had nothing to do with the topic.
Thanks, here the newest.

There's something technical today.

Luqa has cross runways of different lengths. The FS only uses the main runway in this case. And so it is with the Payware of Luqa also. the RWY 5 is only decorative accessory.

Different Developers offer solutions via configurators and different AFCAD files and X-Wind Fake Runways, which fake parallel operation. For example FT EHAM

That's history at Simmershome Luqa. We (Holi51 and I) have been puzzling for a long time and get along with a single Afcad without a configurator and without ADE X-Wind Runways. The AI also works.

What does the user have to do?
Nothing, except choose the wind direction and wind force in the FS menu or use a weather addon. So as with a runway or parallel runways.

Here the pictures of the FS menu:

Wind 57

Active RWY 5

Wind 149

Active RWY 13

Wind 217

Active RWY 23

Wind 333

Active RWY 31

Additionally there is for the freeware of Luqa alternatively a 30cm/px aerial photo or the complete Airport ground in 7cm/px
Just fantastic! As you can see, how much work you put into this project. I'm curious what the end result looks like, as it looks like the freeware already offers more than the payware counterpart. :)
At the end of the day and exceptionally in PNG

SH Ground Luqa 7cm Not EXP10 - untouched Fotoground

Both over an AI Aircraft recorded 100m or 50m over Ground



If you want this you have to download 800MB additionally after release.
Is this the imagery from Google?
This imagery ist from Goggle licensed on this base:

The imagery is color and brightness corrected, LOD19 and compiled with fraction bits. Resolution untouched.
The imagery only runs in P3Dv4 for license reasons ( see above link) and cannot be used in other simulators. In other words, it is not visible in FSX.
In this resolution I need for LMML Airport seven imageries with seven blendmasks
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I was busy creating signs for a few days and built complete sets for upcoming sceneries.
The question was also how to present the concise aprons. Especially how to avoid very conspicuous texture repetitions from the height.

In the end I decided to overlay aerial photos with my own layer, because it comes closest to reality.

The Payware uses an aerial photo which you can find in Sketchup at the geo locations. And the aprons are purely synthetic.

In return you need 7cm terrain and 4096 texture resolution (alternatively 2048) for my scenery.
I'd at least like to look alike. The performance has not been impaired so far.

Today we have an insight into the Apron 4 WIP.

From the height

At parking with GSX