P3D v4 LMML Malta Luqa - WIP

Today something about the Airport Traffic concept. My problem, the airport is at an altitude, so I don't get submerged avatars like the Payware. But in reality it has differences in altitude.

But the Apron 8 and 9 are connected by an internal road with a bridge, which is needed for the vehicle traffic, so that it doesn't roll over the runways.

I could let airplanes roll over a bridge with Hardsurface. But that doesn't work with vehicle traffic.

My not quite real solution:
First I excluded the road traffic in the area. Then I built two additional "fake tunnels" between which the bridge for the vehicle traffic is now located. Then I created my own road traffic, which starts after the tunnel exits and is operated with the traffic controllers.

The whole thing looks like this in the Alpha Stadium

Me too. Hopefully I'll be finished with the airport by then. You can stay forever at the many details on the ground and you are still not satisfied.;)
The basic ground layout, with various aprons and taxiways, is now complete. It will be adjusted several times according to the development. Continue with the ground lines and signs.

The pictures are winter / spring. The dry summer with brown tint is created when the final correction of the aerial photo has taken place, i.e. at the very end.



Oh Jesus - I just get stuck with my first seasonal textures and you are starting PBR.....Really excited how this will be included into your great sceneries....
Oh Jesus - I just get stuck with my first seasonal textures and you are starting PBR.....Really excited how this will be included into your great sceneries....
Hi manschy,
I just need to think about where it makes sense, e.g. for metals or glass. On the aprons I have never seen such reflections in real, because they are simply too dirty and in Malta especially.
Let's see what I do. It was important for me to be able to do it.
Not sure if you know this video,
I know it, well, for rain you can use it, but otherwise it is exactly what I feared. I have never seen such intense reflections anywhere on runways or aprons in my almost 70 years of life. And my beta tester who was on the road for airlines all over the world, not even for me. Exception Africa with certain weather. The video looks more like an invitation to ice skate, sorry.
I will definitely use that only for metal or glass or weather dependent via SODE. The above intensity, however, is far from reality.
Not everything in life that is feasible should be done, just so that the User can make money passes over

Unfortunately the users often want to see the world as they wish, but not as it is. You can also see the effect and shader manipulations. Often this has nothing to do with reality anymore and only provides nice photos in the forums.

By the way, this also applies to the exaggerated use of dynamic lights. Often reminds me of a discotheque rather than real airfields.

The dose is decisive, which is unfortunately often ignored.
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This is an example of "normal" dose - seems close to that what we can see in the PBR-video, IMHO....

Just an example, as mentioned. But don't want to board your threat. Keep on doing that great work!
This is an example of "normal" dose - seems close to that what we can see in the PBR-video, IMHO....
The video is miles away from the "street video". It shows the reflections of an ice rink, the second video not. And a runway is not a road. There standing water is unwanted and is suppressed to a large extent constructively.

But I don't want to spoil the fun for you or anyone else. But there won't be such a thing from me, just as there won't be people running awkwardly. As already written, you don't have to go through everything.;)

For me, it's still a flight simulator, with an emphasis on simulating the flight sequence.
I think it's bad that simulation is hardly discussed anymore in the (German) forums, but that it degenerates into a picture show. Take a look around.
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...da macht es ja richtig Spaß, dort zu landen und sich beim "taxiing" umzusehen!
Ich war schon ein paarmal auf der schönen Insel, realiter meine ich. Später bin ich dann mit der Spit oder der Me 109 von Catania aus hin; es sah aber nie so realistisch aus...
Nun wird es mir noch mehr Freude machen, von Gozo aus kommend, längs über die Insel zu fliegen und dan Flughafen anzusteuern!
Mach hin, Rainer! ;-))
The fun factor must not be neglected either.

Thanks to @holi51 we now have a Classic AI fleet, which I am just testing in Malta.

Here are 4 pictures for the fans of the historic Classic airplanes,

A welcome change if you only ever see Boeing and Airbus

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

All Prepar3D v4
I continue with Apron 8. And in contrast to Payware , where not a single vehicle rolls over the island anymore (car traffic), the traffic on all roads also works for me around the airport in the photo aerial .

With me also no AI turns on the Runway or drives over the RWY 23 to the RWY 13.

Meanwhile the runways are ready for use according to the user's wishes. Namely according to wind direction or only the 13/31 optionally.

In addition there is the helicopter landing place in the military area as a self-sufficient place in the place, which is also functional.