P3D v4 LMML Malta Luqa - WIP

There's some news today. Let there be light!

The whole Ground Lights of Luqa are Custom. There are no FS lights.
The lights have, where necessary, different forward and backward views.
Lights that can only be seen in one direction can only be seen in that direction.
Switch to "all day" with configurator for all Lights

In detail:

- Taxilights with Groundspot

- Taxi Centerlights

- WigWags

- lighted Holding Points

- Center line with warning zone

- Threshold in approach direction

- Edge lights

- Approach lights calvert

- Taxi Signs

- Runway visibility 15 miles below

Here the pictures



Runway vorward view

Runway backward view



It is my first airport that gets along 100% without FS lights.
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Today I can report that the entire ground of Luqa is ready to fly. I changed the Approach Lights again and adapted them to the real conditions. So 05/23 SSALF - 31 ALFS1 - 13 MALSR

Picture 31

Picture 05

Furthermore, the entire ground is equipped with reflections.

Picture 1

Picture 2

At the moment I am doing extensive tests with PBR. Whether and to what extent I use it is not yet clear. They are pure tests

Picture 1 - Rainlayer middle

Picture 2 - Rainlayer hight

If the layers should be used, then weather dependent with SODE
I gave the complete ground of Malta a wet layer controlled by SODE.

- no frame loss
- additionally controllable with the Reflection Slider

But beware of the Reflection Slider, it may fade in clouds etc, but it costs performance. However, it can also be used in low mode to reduce reflections. To everyone's taste.

Here of course an ingame video exclusively for you as I have already done it in Malta

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This week I finished the summer layer. It is well known that in Malta it is only green in the winter months, otherwise it is rather burnt. With a resolution of 7cm /px this will of course not be a small download. Maybe I will make the Seasons available as an optional download, so that everyone can choose what they want to install.

Furthermore, the basic lighting is ready. This is realized exclusively by ground polygons, also the spots. Effects with frame load are not built in. Based on this, the dynamic lights then come together with the lamps.

That goes first times into the beta test and gets surely still changes.
This week I worked extensively on finishing the SODE Groundlayers for Malta. The whole ground is now controlled by SODE, depending on the weather, wet with PBR

It was important to me not to make an "ice rink" out of the runway during the approach and to find a good compromise. You can see the result in the video below. A control with the Slider Dynamic Reflections is not necessary.

Furthermore the SODE controlled windsocks are built in.

In the next week the construction of the Airport Lamps will begin besides dynamic lighting. The configurator is already integrated and allows to switch the Runways in the mode "all in use" or solo 13/31.

A switch to change the airport lighting to "allday" is also already integrated.

Lua control was also tested, but I rejected it again, because it cost up to 20 frames. With the current solution there are almost always between 50 and 60 frames on the ground.
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Just to be clear. In another forum there were again comments to the sun reflection

What you don't see in the video is that the weather theme I chose has no real overecast and the sun comes through between the clouds. Therefore some additional pictures. So this is okay and will be reflected correctly.

There are numerous photos on the net that show the same effect in real life
You can't see it from behind the plane.

However, from the perspective of the front window already

The problem with the conversion of wetness in the Sim is that you can only make a Custom Ground Poly look wet by realizing this with a strong reflection

Here's a picture behind the plane, where you can see that the effect has already been greatly reduced,

So this will already fit in the release and who does not like it can fly alternatively without Wetlayer. To make everyone right never works anyway.
This week I started with the lighting. First of all there are many different lamps to build and dynamic lights to realize.

Here one of the main lamps at the Apron 9

The gates at night with dynamic light

and again the same in rain (PBR)

Now comes a somewhat longer construction phase
As the weather was bad today, I finished the complete Light System of Apron 9. Especially all effects have been reworked.
The lamps remain now individually recognizable and from the dynamic light I also took out the overexposure.
All lamps are built with round steel, which does not have a negative effect and reflects particularly well due to the round surface.

Here are two pictures

Night with HDR

Night with rain , HDR, PBR

On three screens, however, 50-60 frames can only be reached with a maximum of 4xSSAA. With 8xSSAA there are 35-40 frames. But you don't need that at night either.

With one screen there are no restrictions at all.
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Before the Easter Bunny takes power.....

The airport is now equipped with all the dynamic lighting. Furthermore, I retrofitted the approach facilities with hardware. Everywhere where airplanes move there is this "Underfloor".

Here are the pictures

Total airports with dynamic lights

Approach Hardware

Underfloor Lights

Happy Easter All!
So far it's still a test, but it's going well.

I will probably provide Malta as a complete package with Gozo/Comino and Autogen. Plus of course Luqa and the water landing site. @holi51 has already integrated the Waterbase and the Helibases on Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Here a first preview still in the LOD 15, destination is 16 and airport 18

Malta Day

Malta Night with Lightsplashes and SH Slim Lights

This can then also be retrofitted with my own POI s, e.g. the old town of Valetta.
Looks very good. I have updated the Global AI Ship Traffic for Malta - should be just a few weeks from release now.
After the above test :

This week I have "dived" once but was not idle. In the meantime I have replaced all of Malta with a photo images 50cm/px already from 200m AGL you can now fly properly without eye pain to get. In VFR height of 500-800 m everything is razor sharp. Everything reworked by hand

Here a picture 250m AGL

This week was again very "moved". First of all, the Windows 10 -1809 update had come over me, which led me to reinstall my entire simulator. But that should not be the subject.

There are more nice things to report.

First of all I finished the complete island together with Comino and Gozo as Photoground.
My Autogen based on GIS and OSM data. In Malta there are only a few coloured or red roofs and no gabled roofs, which is why my autogen comes with flat roofs and in the usual stone grey.

The whole island ground has been given a coordinated nightsplash, which makes the night approach really more interesting and natural.

Furthermore, I had to struggle with autogenous suppression in some places, which is why I built new cities. Apart from that everything is running and also the car traffic of FTX Vector on the whole island. It also has seasons, in winter rather green (November to March) and in the rest of the year (April to October) rather dry and browner.


In the next step it continues first of all in Valletta, because without there Poi`s the island would not be complete for me.

build POI

1- Fort Manuel

2- Old town wall, fortress porches ,Gamelite Church

3- Hotel skyscrapers

4- Port with static ship models

5- Sport arena


So it's gonna take more time, but I'd rather build it right than half-heartedly.
Then I continue with the airport buildings.

What is definitely in the release now?

1. Airport Malta

2. Heliports Malta, Gozo und Comino, and v4 Heli-AI Models and Flight schedules (by @holi51 ) - ready

3. Freeport Malta in direction RWY 31 - ready

4. Waterbase (LMMW fictive) with Seaplanes and AI (by @holi51) - ready

5. Pois, Radar Mallun, Valleta see above
6. Malta, Gozo ,Comino as Photoground 50 cm/px und the Airport 25cm/px

7. Autogen for all Islands

When is release?

I don't know, but I think it will be this year. ……..
You can automate the main vegetation well, but in cities or at certain sights only manual work is needed, if you want it to look neat even at low altitudes. I am quite a pedant.

Here are two examples of how it looks like

The National Stadium Ta Quali In the North

Google view

View Simulator 1500ft.

Example for cities

City automated

City hand processed

To work all Malta after I will need about 14 days. After that it is also suitable for VFR..... I hope