P3D v4 LMML Malta Luqa - WIP

Whenever you think you already have everything possible, you find new ways. Freeware also has advantages, because you can get a lot without any costs.

I now have free access to the Government Service Malta and all spatial GIS data for non-commercial use. Malta has a total of almost 244,000 buildings, which will all appear in the Sim.

Especially in the right position and orientation.

Below you can see a first test run without any FS classifications and vegetation.

That means I'm redoing it with the complete original data. Who has no work, makes himself which:
I was way faster than I thought I was. I was able to rebuild my scripts pretty quickly. Here now a picture with the official GIS data of Malta.

This is how it looks like in the simulator

There are still smaller adjustments to be made, as well as the completion of my trees. They need most of the time. However, I could integrate the previous ones into the new autogen one.

I hope it's all thought out, I've even integrated avenue trees all over the island. The height in the picture is 1200 ft.
Thx Manfred:)

Still, there were problems. All data is shifted about 50 m north and 20 m west. You can see in a picture above even in QGIS.
Move 400000+ objects at the same time....o_O.
Annotator is only 32 bit and on strike.
QGIS says goodbye in Freeze.
But I have found another solution and done this step by step, after as well as remerged. Now everything is right.
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Spectacular video and scenery! I felt like jumping out of the plane to go and pick som grapes on the slopes or go for a swim.
Thank you,

Today I had a real problem, which was also in the video. The coding of the Maltese data had a national grid and did not convert to the WGS1984 necessary for the FS. I bought ArcGIS (subscription) extra, but also the conversion there was not error free.

So today I read 256 single Shapefiles (tiles) and put them in the right place in ArcGis by hand. If I was really sour, the work (8h ) was worth it.

Now all houses stand exactly at the roads and the vehicles drive also without obstacles.

And so it looks now in whole Malta. There are 376.000 placed buildings

...a little bit crazy you have to be for it ...:p

Much more authentic is not possible with autogen, I think

North of the centre of Valletta in Portomaso, there is the tower of the same name and in the foreground the Hilton Hotel.

The Tower, as the highest building in Malta, should not be missing as POI in a Malta scenery.

Of course, I also put him in the limelight during the night.

Now it finally continues at the airport. I am developing the buildings in larger complexes. The first part stretches along the RWY 5 up to the Apron 3.

Bright "blocks" in the background are dummies for not yet started buildings.

The area of Lufthansa Technik makes the beginning. The lights for hangar lamps are already finished but will be installed only at the end, because otherwise I would have to place them every time for testing.

Dev Picture 1 Day

Dev Picture 2 Night

This is not an end product, but still in constant development.
Ranier, your work is quite incredibly real. I do a double take everytime I see your screenshots to confirm they are from a flight sim not the real world.

Just take care you don't burn out.