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P3D v3 localizer alignment guidance

I think it would be useful to have ade display runway centerline extension on both sides (say when localizer is selected) to aid with correct placement of localizer when it is far off the runway end. At present it is done by hand drawing of guide lines which is not that accurate and frequently requires trial in the sim to perfect it.

A similar would be handy for custom runways (where many times afcad and photo runways don't perfectly coincide) if ade could extend aircraft indicator longitudinal line, then one can slew in the sim to align at centerline of the photo runway and place localizer in ade along the extended line at the required place.
At present it is done by hand drawing of guide lines which is not that accurate and frequently requires trial in the sim to perfect it.
Did you know that you can edit guidelines?

You can draw any random guideline, then highlight it and hit the Enter key.

This will open a dialog box where you can set the heading to exactly match the runway heading and the length to whatever length you need.

Then all you have to do is drag it where you want.

Until Jon automates this process it works pretty good for me and doesn't take all that long to do.



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While these methods are useful over short distances, I wonder about the effect of round-earth corrections over longer distances such as might be encountered with outer markers or aligned VORs/NDBs.

The biggest problem with using guidelines to align localisers is the decimal limit on angle, i.e., n.n instead n.nnn
As #5 says the heading input isn't accurate enough for guidelines. A convenient feature would be for ade to have option similar to straightening of taxiway links, where ade could just snap (in lateral direction) a placed localizer to the extended centerline or the aircraft longitudinal line.

Not sure if this would be as useful for point navaids at large distances though as the entered real world coordinates should cause less to negligible misalignment when placed far away. I suppose they aren't meant for such precise navigation in the real world as well so I would prefer them to be at provided real world coordinates than tweaked to align with the runways etc.

Edit: It appears the guideline accepts heading to accuracy and align with the runway even though it shows only up to single decimal place. Entering the rwy coordinates it puts one end on the rwy center point though so need 180 added to heading when aligning localizer at other end. Still a localizer snap in function would save much time and work with this.
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In Raw Data View I see headings for guides out to 13 places to the right of the decimal, how accurate do they have to be?

Yes, the spinner is only showing tenths of a degree yet you can highlight that number and type in whatever you want and ADE seems to respect it.

Here are two 5900+ foot long guides with the exact same location (set manually) that are .001 degree different in heading...

I have done this several times to place Terminal Waypoints when adding new approaches and it has always worked.

At least the approaches are always very flyable.

I think people tend to lose sight of the fact that airport design, just like flying, is more of an art than it is a science and a TW that is a half mile off at six miles out is not anything to cause problems when flying in the sim.

Lord knows that there are many, many elements in FS that are in the wrong place and the sim is still very usable.

Well, you learn something every day.
I'm now looking at years worth of airports and thinking, "Should I go through them all to tweak the localiser bearing?"