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Locating Generic Airport bgl.files Within MSFS Data Base


Ideally ADE for MSFS 2020 will implement its own work-around for recent disruptive Windows security updates ...ASAP. :banghead:

A thread on some manual work-arounds is here:


What is the ICAO of the MSFS "generic" airport you are wanting to find this time ? :scratchch

Otherwise, here is the method I used to derive MSFS' KONT airport "APX" file path ...last time. :idea:


Verify the Geographic location of KONT with Google Maps / Google Earth, ...then:

Determine the LOD-5-sized FS "Base File" Area Folder Number for KONT from this gridded Map:

https://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv5/sdk/world/terrain/terrain_overview.html#Base File Information

Note that KONT is in FS Base File Area 0202 located at:

[MSFS-2020_Packages install path]\Official\OneStore\fs-base-genericairports\scenery\0202\

Google: wiki ICAO KONT ...and you will find this page:


Click on the Geographic Coordinates for KONT at the top right of that wiki page, to load this GeoHack page:


Copy the Decimal Geographic Coordinates from the top of the KONT GeoHack page just loaded:

34.056111, -117.601111

Download / install the P3Dv1.4x SDK from:


From the P3Dv1.4x SDK, load:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D SDK 1.4.4747.0\Environment Kit\Terrain SDK\tmfviewer.exe

In TMFViewer, browse / select / load:

[MSFS-2020_Packages install path]\Official\OneStore\fs-base\scenery\Base\scenery\PopulationDensity.bgl

In TMFViewer Menu > Jump > Lat Long... > Paste / edit decimal Lat / Lon Geographic Coordinates for KONT and click [OK]

Keep pressing NumPad <+> key until zoomed in so far that Dir# / File# on bottom status bar do not change if mouse moves

Note: KONT is inside a LOD-5 Area within a QMID-11 / LOD-13 quad: File# 1619

In TMFViewer, browse / select / load:

[MSFS-2020_Packages install path]\Official\OneStore\fs-base-genericairports\scenery\0202\CVX1619.bgl

A Yellow KONT airport boundary Polygon should appear in TMFViewer workspace; zoom in / out as desired with <+> / <->.

We have now confirmed that KONT will be inside APX16190.bgl :pushpin:

In ADE: Menu > File > Create Project From MSFS BGL (to import the MSFS default airport from its new sub-folder location)

NOTE: ADE has a Alpha build 'Bug'; KONT is a default "Stock" airport, but Asobo moved many airports to a new sub-folder

Apparently airports not included in MSFS Deluxe / Premium, now have a "Generic" status. :yikes:

Follow the SDK naming rules (ADE will also attempt to correct some aspects of project naming for you)

Enter KONT in the ICAO field, then click [Check] button

Fill in the other fields at the top left of the ADE project input form (do not fill in other fields, or check other check-boxes yet):

Click [Go] button, then Browse / Select (...from the MS-Store version of MSFS):

[MSFS-2020_Packages install path]\Official\OneStore\fs-base-genericairports\scenery\0202\APX16190.bgl

Check: 2-Way Edit to use ADE Alpha-21 or HF-5 MSFS DevMode GUI (...live in a MSFS flight session) to edit this copy of KONT

NOTE: Other check-boxes are optional ...depending on whether one creates custom content or lists a project via MS-Store etc.

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The specific airport I am looking for is KMRY Monterey Regional.

Wow this is great information! I am sure it will help many others as well. THANK YOU Gary!
Hi Again:

Using the method described above, the file / folder path you seek for KMRY Monterey Regional is:

[MSFS-2020_Packages install path]\Official\OneStore\fs-base-genericairports\scenery\0102\APX15180.bgl :cool:

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The easiest way is to go into DEV Mode and turn on the Debug airports override checkmark:

Dev Mode "Options" menu -> "Airports" -> "Debug airport override"

This will show you the file directory and name of the BGL that holds the airport you're interested in.

Hi Dean:

Thanks for sharing the DevMode Menu > "Options" menu -> "Airports" -> "Debug airport override" toggle for on-screen APX display.

I am curious whether you may know a way to customize DevMode Font Type / Size / Color to improve on-screen APX display legibility ? :scratchch

Hi Dean:

Thanks for sharing the DevMode Menu > "Options" menu -> "Airports" -> "Debug airport override" toggle for on-screen APX display.

I am curious whether you may know a way to customize DevMode Font Type / Size / Color to improve on-screen APX display legibility ? :scratchch


I was thinking when I looked at it that the font was terrible and hard to read. I was wondering the same thing along the lines of airport design, some stuff i'd love to change the color such as the paint line highlights from green to something brighter... Hmmm...
I have not yet looked into where / how MSFS toggles between content display for terrain mesh and textures in default online- versus offline- modes.

I have seen OSM roads with textures a few times in online mode, but forgot where; perhaps these were custom textured replacements for default OSM roads ?

BTW: Apparently there are some changes that can be made to text and graphics "overlays" in MSFS run time sessions via editable code in add-ons such as these:

I use these mods to change the MSFS Multiplayer name plates and Airport / Town POI markers to something less obnoxious / more visible (ex: small / RED):

Also, I use this to auto-hide the Pull-Down "Handle Bar" menu icons:


After disabling the HUD on-screen display:


...I use "Shift+Z Stats" to put FS' legacy-type flight parameters on screen:

(This provides a refreshing sense of MS-FS legacy 'continuity' ...when grappling with the new sim's complexity / GUI) :cool:


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