P3D v4 lock up with p3d and ade

When connected to P3D, select slew mode at the slowest simulation rate and "Top-down" view.

In ADE, click on the "Connect" button.

Cllick on the P3D screen and move the aircraft using the joystick or yoke.

Do you see the red numbers changing on the ADE page?

I did send by email but by the ADE log window will send again.

Yes- in slew and 1/4 speed. numbers do change and crosshairs move. I will check the next time it freezes... I will look for those red numbers changing at the same time.


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OK - I have the logs now. This is not much comfort but I am seeing that ADE is struggling to make a connection to the Sim:


If ADE takes longer than one second to make a connection then it records that in the log. I have seen a lot of cases of the sim becoming sluggish and they all show the connection time as an issue. This appears in the log for a bit and then can be gone for a while.

The bad news is that ADE does not provide any information about why since it is looking at the timing of an external process. You can try turning off the auto connect feature of ADE which should stop it trying on startup. You can then manually connect when needed.

Sorry I can't be of more help
Thank you, Jon. If you or anyone hear of some possible reasons why this is happening, let me know. It might be something I my own computer too, ya never know! Again thank and all for the help. bob
Jon, Roby- I think I am on to something! I just spent a good deal of time in FSX, using ADE (FSX mode) - I used move aircraft to here many, many times, made roads, taxiways, aprons, etc for about 3 or 4 times as long as in P3D. No lock ups!!!.

This points suspiciously to P3D installation of mine.... maybe. Also- a good question..... Why is it I can see ADE staying on top in view while I move my plane with my joystick in FSX; but in P3D ADE disappears when I move over to P3D to move my plane? In fact …….. in FSX I don't even have to click on FSX to move my plane around.... I just move it with my joystick.
One more bit of info...………. My ADE 175 is on D drive in a folder called ADE. My P3D4.3 in in d drive but in Program files folder. could this cause problems?
From various flightsim related forums I read, it is highly recommended to install FSX, P3D, etc... OUTSIDE of the windows standard folders like Program Files (x86) or Program Files, as with the latest Windows versions, the OS is controlling user's rights on read, write, or amend operations more than previous versions (as far as I could understand...).
My P3D is installed straight at the root of my F drive, straight in a "Prepar3D v4" folder (to get path to the simulator as short as possible).
I installed all my flightsimming related softwares outside of the Windows Program Files (x86 or not), and further run them as administrator (but I am the sole user of my PC, and assume I know what I am doing....) ;)
So, when/if you have to reinstall P3D, this could be a possible alternative...
You may also have to consider the fact that some processes occupy a lot of CPU-time. I had some Problems with Saitek-devices and other Programs which run outside of Flightsimulator but were used by Flightsimulator.
I installed a Software which is called "Process Lasso" available from here:


I did assign priorities and other Parameters to the different processes and since I dont have any Problems anymore! Flightsimulator now runs smooth together with other processes.
Perhaps sometimes you need also to stop other processes from running, Flightsimulator should have as much of processing time available as possible.
I have found years ago a program called "Processkiller" to automate the stopping of unnecessary processes. You should google for it!
ISSUE SOLVED! I seemed to be running fsuipc5. I took that out and found fsuipc 510.zip. downloaded, unzipped installed. works great now! Just wanted to report in for the benefit of others.